Welcome to Mystic Isle…

Before we start we have to Thank, Sir Tim Berners – Lee,
for inventing the World Wide Web and letting us use it for free.

Right here we go with a new site for Mystic Isle,
coach holidays & bargain breaks come in and browse for a while…

Come on a journey North to South or East to West with me,
we can travel up and down this Isle whilst sat on your settee

Exciting places to visit wonderful things to see,
super places to stay in, ooh where will our next trip be?

We take the steam boat on Ullswater a beautiful lake without doubt,
keep an eye open for the daffodils that Wordsworth wrote about

Scenic journeys by coach scenic journeys by train,
It is just possible you’ve done it before but it’s all worth doing again

We have posh hotels with four stars budget hotels with none,
Holiday villages with chalets and all our holidays are fun

If you browse right through our pages we shall have done a fair few miles,
and if you study carefully you’ll discover new ‘Mystic Isle’s’

Ireland and the Isle of Man are adventures new,
classic tours we’ve put together hoping we’ll see you

8 days, 5 days or week-ends by the sea,
mystery tours, Christmas shoppers what will your choice be?

We hope you find something you like, for we enjoy your company,
please pick up the phone and call us, now you’ve finished your tea

It’s very easy to reserve a seat it can all be done by phone,
book a holiday with Mystic Isle without ever leaving home

Jen and Tamsin await your call and sometimes even me,
although my duties at the office amount to making tea

And finally, thank you for the thank you cards and the nice things that you say,
It’s nice to be appreciated and yes it really makes our day

We are very proud of all our staff and our drivers pictured below,
are the best anyone could wish for and that… Ladies and Gents, I know.